It was extremely hard for me to admit that I wasn’t well. I hid it from my family and friends for years. I didn’t want to belive that something was wrong. Then I saw it starting to impact my day to day life. Why couldn’t I get out of bed? I could lay there for hours just staring at the wall of my little apartment. No TV, no books, no company…nothing. I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression about 8 years ago. I refused to go on medication for a few years, finally realizing I needed to try something, anything to help my mood. The side effects of some of the medications were unreal. I felt like a space cadet not being able to answer simple questions, crazy food cravings in the middle of the night as well as night sweats and insomnia. I finally found one with limited side effects and stuck with that one.

About 3 years ago I decided to go off of my medication. The particular one I was taking stimulated me to a point where I could barely sleep at night and I had to counter act it with a sleeping pill. Since then I still struggled on a regular basis with my mood until my boyfriend introduced me to jiu-jitsu. I tried my first class on the North Shore of Hawaii at Mike Fowler’s gym. When we came back to Vancouver I signed up to East Van BJJ where my boyfriend was already training and haven’t looked back since! The jiu-jitsu community is one of a kind and I am really proud to say I am part of it. I have made new friends that are such a positive influence and have such a passion for the sport. I couldn’t be happier and I am glad I found such an amazing group of people.