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Mission Statement

#SubmitTheStigma aims to make mental health as important as physical health in the martial arts community. Through advocacy, awareness and our programs, we create a community where training is a safe and healthy place for mental well-being. 


Vulnerability: Leading by example by being honest about our mental health experiences

Authenticity: Being genuine, forthcoming and honest in all our proceedings

Empathy: Treating everyone with compassion and connecting with their experiences

Community: Building a sense of togetherness through common goals and team work

Integrity: Operating with the community’s best interests at heart and being transparent and reliable

Inclusiveness: Creating a safe space for everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.

We rely on donations to create and implement our programs as well as to keep the organization functioning!
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About Us


#SubmitTheStigma is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and awareness campaign within the jiu-jitsu community that promotes education, discussion and support for mental illness and those who are affected. The goal is to make mental health as important as physical health - to make mental well-being a priority.

Jiu-jitsu offers many benefits to those with various mental health disorders. #SubmitTheStigma aims to promote these benefits and start the necessary discussion around mental illness. The mats of jiu-jitsu academies are sacred to so many people who suffer from mental illness. Erin Herle, our founder, started training jiu-jitsu in the summer of 2009 and found that training improved her quality of life. She had been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and bouts of depression and found a helpful environment and community in jiu-jitsu.

She began promoting #SubmitTheStigma in honor of her dad, Robin Herle, who died by suicide. This made her dedicate herself to the idea that we need to make mental illness something to talk about, so that others don't follow the same path.

One in five Americans will suffer from a mental illness in a given year and 60% of adults do not seek out medical help according to NAMI. We aim to change this. Join us in our fight to submit the stigma, promote honesty and  vulnerability, and create awareness and compassion.

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