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Who We Are

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ERIN HERLE (she/her)
Executive Director

Erin is a BJJ Black belt under Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles. She now trains in California. She founded #SubmitTheStigma as a staunch mental health advocate. Her passion stems from having experienced the suicide of her father, as well as her own mental health experience.

She started training BJJ in the summer of 2009 and because of this found the motivation to seek professional mental help. She would later be diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and depression.

She is known for her brutal honesty and vulnerability, her social media documenting her ups and downs, challenges and successes and inspiring those in her following.

Director of Operations

Valéry is a BJJ purple belt and trains in Toronto, ON. She is also a passionate speaker, writer and mental health advocate. She combines her lived experience with mental illness with over 10 years of volunteering and working in the mental health field. She has won awards for her volunteer work.

Valéry now delivers talks and workshops, writes for well known mental health publications and in 2019, she delivered a TEDx talk on the stigma surrounding suicide.

She has teamed up with #SubmitTheStigma to bring her passion, knowledge and experience to the BJJ community


ROSA WALSH (she/her)
Administrator & Social Media Manager

Rosa is a BJJ brown belt and is originally Irish but trains in the US. She is also a passionate English teacher and mental health advocate. 

She combines her personal experience with mental health , travelling and BJJ to further promote the importance of mental health in the jiujitsu community.

Rosa now travels around the world competing and training, after starting as a shy 17 year old. Her journey with jiujitsu has not only reaped massive mental benefits but also led her to becoming a qualified English secondary school teacher among a variety of other accolades.

She has teamed up with #SubmitTheStigma to bring her passion, knowledge and experience to the BJJ community

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